We will be making an African American History Trading Card Timeline


1. Open up Gale Group- Using the following breadcrumb trail- harris.jpschools.org>resources>library>Gale Group>
2. US History in Context, African American Perspectives, Abolition, Images OR
3. Harlem Renaissance, Free African Americans, African Americans in World War II, Racism in Post Emancipation America,
4. Find a picture you like, one that has a year in the caption, and save to the desktop.
5. Open up new tab on your browser
6. Type in big huge labs.or type the following address
7. Select Trading cards
8. Upload photograph from desktop
9. Using Cap Lock title your card
10. For Subtitle write a breif summary of what is taking place in the picture, be sure to include year in it. NOT TO EXCEED 53 CHARACTERS INCLUDING SPACES.
11. Go back to Gale group, select citation tools, copy citation, and paste into description and follow with yourinitals, teachers's name and period,
12. Click on create, double check spelling and image.
13. Once verified,click create and then share and select email.
14. email.png


Email- harrislibrary@gmail.com



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