1. Research Biome Assigned2. Find unusual animals and plants3. Find out climate and other unusual facts about selected biome- you will be assigned to work in groups of two.\4. Decide on how the plants, animals, and climate could be of a benefit or hindrance to a tribute as they play the game.5. With your partner create bylines for your biome - Tribute 12 uses skin of white alligator to protect against rain.6. Once you have decided, you will then create a magazine cover.7. Find an image of your biome using goggle image search using the following terminology: biome creative commons - this will result in copyright free images or you may go to worldbook or gale and use their images8. Once you have found images, right click and hit save as picture and save to desktop or downlaods.9. Once you have gathered all your information, please click on the following site -


10. Click on upload and upload your photograph.
11. Title your magazine - Hunge Games .#........
12. Give it a byline
13. Fill in the lines as requested..
14. Once you have completed all the lines, click submit.
15. Carefully edit your cover, check for any spelling, capitalization, and other grammatical errors.
16 If you find any errors or if your cover is hard to read due to color choices, click edit,
17. Make any changes that are necessary, hit submit, and once again check for errors.
18, If you are happy with your cover, click share and email to harrislibrary@gmail.com