On October 30, 2006, Ms. Lorio’s class researched Katrina aspects as well, this time with such topics as MR-GO(Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet) and memorials to Katrina’s victims.

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House near 17th Street Canal Levee breach, New Orleans. October 2006

In the spring of 2007, Mrs. Komiskey's students went again to New Orleans, but this time with a different focus - New Orleans neighborhoods. They researched the neighborhoods prior to Katrina using books and such websites as Pre-Katrina New Orleans , to create brochures about the neighborhoods before, and after Katrina, as well as what might be expected for these neighborhoods in the future. They were aided in the project Dr. Mary Beth Almerico and Mr. Stephen Barnes, DOT Intern.

Students noting architectural styles in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans

To see what the students saw in 2007, click on the image below:

9th Ward Memorial, Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, 2007

To read what the students thought about the progress of the neighborhoods of New Orleans, click on the documents below