One of the most vital aspects of protecting our area against future hurricanes is the buffer that the Louisiana coastal wetlands offer.
ACOE Loss of Louisiana Wetlands Map

Students in Mrs. Komiskey's 8th and 7th grade reading classes, looked at the map, generated five questions from the map, and then answered these questions using books, magazines, and websites. They then created voicethreads using photographs from government agencies to illustrate their questions. Click on the voicethreads below to see what the students had to say about the loss of Louisiana wetlands:


  1. Look at the wetlands loss map.
  2. Generate 5 questions that you might have looking at the map
  3. Read voices in the wilderness
  4. Find 3 causes of wetland loss according to the article.
  5. Use Harris's library catalog to find more sources to answer your questions
  6. Once you find answers, write a paragraph for each
  7. Open up, sign in and password will be supplied by the library media specialist
  8. Create identity for your group
  9. Once identity has been created, search for and then save picture to the desktop to add to voicethread
  10. Once your picture is uploaded, click on comment , select your id, and then post your answers in as separate comments
  11. Cite your sources
  12. . Time permitting, look up a song to go with your comments and then create a playlist..