Students 2009

Throughout the year, the 7th grade honors math students have used the skills necessary to build a bird house.
Prior to the construction process, the students studied scale drawings and watched videos through United Streaming on using scale drawings in jobs and everyday life. The Promethean board was used to model nets (when a three dimensional figure is taken apart and laid flat) and three dimensional figures. The students used to practice finding the volume and surface area of three dimensional figures. Using this information, the students were able to draw the nets in designing their bird houses. They used the scale drawings to decide how large to draw their nets. The students then cut out the nets, folded them together, and put together the models of the bird houses that were approved by the teacher. They then used the scales to convert cm. to inches and draw their life-sized nets on foam board, cut the nets out, and connected the sides of the bird houses using hot glue. The students were allowed to take the bird houses home and decorate them as they pleased.At the end of the project, the students were asked to use the Internet to find the formulas for volume and surface area of the three dimensional figures used for their bird houses. The students were graded on the identification of the 3-dimensional figures used, the accuracy of the scale used, and the use of the correct formulas.